Personal References

Sachin W. – Independent Consultant

Graham is one of the sharpest business leaders I have met in my professional life. As an EVP he led the global IT Infrastructure practice where he developed the entire strategy for ramping up marketing/sales and adding $20M of new revenue to the business in less than a year. He also was responsible for revamping the “healthcare portal” product and its sales strategy. His enthusiasm is contagious and his work ethic is top notch. He is very personable and I would love to work with him again.

Wesley B. – Vice President at Healthcare Services Firm

Graham is an inventive outside of the box thinker who has a keen eye for expanding the business. He continually looks for synergistic growth opportunities leveraging his creativity and focus. He brings a high degree of industry experience to the table along with his amiable personality. I would highly recommend Graham to any organization, he was a visionary and leader in ours.

Dominick D. – Business Development Manager

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Graham on many occasions. He is the type of person who will encourage you, offer you advice, and who also will get what you need done. Graham is able to take an idea, develop it into something workable, and turn it into a marketable product. I got in touch with Graham after a client meeting and discussed what my client was having a problem with, and Graham searched through old technologies we’ve had, worked with his team, and came back with a solution that the client loved! Graham’s an excellent mentor who will listen, ask questions, provide guidance, and ultimately help you excel in your position. If given the chance to work with Graham again, it would be my pleasure.

Renee K. – Senior Consultant at Consulting Firm

Graham and I were colleagues for about a year and a half. Although he led a business unit and I was in the sales organization, we interacted on a daily basis. Overall he is an effective leader and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. One thing in particular I noticed about Graham is that he balances the business/financial impact of decisions with the people side of the equation. This enabled him to lead his team through a significant amount of change (everything from developing new products to creating structure where there was none) while at the same time improving morale. Graham exudes a quiet confidence which has a positive impact on those around him. He focuses on doing the right things and doesn’t get caught up in distractions going on around him. He is collaborative, direct, and treats everyone like they are on the same team. I frequently requested information from Graham for sales planning and reporting, and he was always prompt with his responses and supported my efforts, even though it was one of many things on his plate. This was not only refreshing, but it improved my ability to add value to the organization. Some other ways Graham distinguishes himself from others is by listening (he doesn’t view talking as leading), and bringing a sense of calm to chaotic/challenging situations. I would work with Graham again in a heartbeat, and think he has the talent to positively impact any organization.

Rob S. – Managing Director at Consulting Firm

In addition to having an excellent grasp of the current trends in I/T, Graham is the consummate ‘team player’. When companies bring new solutions to market or when their more mature solutions experience problems, there is a natural proclivity for cross-functional groups ‘to circle the wagons’ to protect the interests of their specific groups and to eschew blame. Graham is one of those rare executives who can be counted upon to be objective and who can consistently balance the best interests of his group and the company as a whole.

Joy M. – Regional Sales Director at Healthcare Applications Company

I had the pleasure of working directly with Graham during his time at Anthelio. Graham is truly a dynamic professional. His ability to lead his team in a manner that creates a positive work environment and promote individual growth is something to be admired. As a colleague, Graham was always available to help in any way possible and consistently made positive contributions across multiple departments for the betterment of the entire organization as a whole. One of the things that I always appreciated about working with Graham was his unique ability to understand the “bigger picture” while still staying connected to the day to day tasks needed to achieve the overall goals of the company. It is just one of his many assets that make him a true leader and outstanding motivator. Any organization would be lucky to have someone like Graham on their team.

Chris W. – Global CIO, Executive Vice President at a Healthcare Services Firm

Graham was a dynamic leader and came in to the organization and used his skills to implement structure to take new capabilities and services to market. He has a keen eye for new markets or market segments and he is very detailed and capable of leading his team to accomplish significant milestones quickly. His team had real respect for him. Working with Graham was an opportunity I would be glad to have again.

Ken D. – Principal at an Operational Improvement Firm

Graham brings a high level of energy and excitement to projects and engagements. He has a keen ability to attain the project goals while gaining and maintaining an understanding of the overall political and organizational sensitivities. Graham exhibits and applies excellent business and financial acumen as he produces project results. He has the ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple, understandable manner. Graham brings a broad range of thoughts and ideas to challenge the status quo and achieve tangible goals.

Brian L. – CIO, Vice President at a Major Energy Corporation

Our organization went through a major transformation and leadership change which required instilling some new practices and defining a new culture. Graham came into the organization and facilitated several difficult discussions with the leadership team and challenged them to think of their roles in a corporate view versus just an IT support role. This led to a playbook by which the organization would model its behaviors going forward. In addition, Graham helped to develop a new process for how we looked at each area. We went from a project review process to a Quarterly Business Review process which supported the cultural shift from being a support organization to running IT as a business. His deliverables were extremely polished and he worked well through multiple levels of the organization. Graham made an impact.