Making it through an entire day of work and remaining energized and productive can be difficult, even for those of us who love our jobs. No matter if you have your dream job or are slugging through a typical 9 to 5, you’ll have “off” days. Some days, you’d rather crawl back into bed and not do any work, or you wish you could take an afternoon nap. Instead of sitting at work and feeling miserable about what you wish you could be doing, use these work hacks to energize your day and keep your mind sharp and focused.

Create a morning routine

Your mornings can be a drag and it’s hard to be energized in the early hours if you are not a morning person. Typical advice includes getting more sleep (which you can do!), but sometimes that’s just not possible. Create a morning routine for yourself that energizes you, such as a short workout routine, time spent in the sunlight, or upbeat music during your morning commute. Stick to this routine and you’ll be ready and alert for the day ahead.

Eat a light lunch

A big mistake you can make that will leave you feeling sluggish in the afternoon is eating a heavy lunch. If you fill up on sugars and carbs, you’ll crash in the afternoon and crave some sleep. By eating a lighter lunch with plenty of nutrients, you’ll feel more energized in the afternoon.

Keep an organized space

Studies have shown that clutter around your workplace can make it difficult to focus on what you should be doing. At the end of the day or in the morning, take a few minutes to clean up your workspace and sort through everything. If you have papers that can be thrown away or tasks quickly taken care of, do those things before tackling a bigger project. Then, your mind will completely focus on what’s in front of you.

Take a short walk

One of the best ways to feel more energized is to take a short walk around your building. Even if it’s cold, go out for a few minutes (colder temperatures also help you perk up!). A short walk is good for your health, as well as your energy levels. Soak up some sunlight and go back to work ready to be productive.

Do some stretches

Stretching can help give you more energy and is good for your body. Every hour, take some time to look away from your screen and stretch. Check out these easy stretches that are meant to help increase your energy.