Video interviews are becoming more and more common and are quite convenient for both interviewers and interviewees. That being said, there are some significant differences between a video interview and an in-person one. In some ways, video interviews offer some significant advantages, but they can also provide some significant disadvantages if you are not careful. Here three tips to video interviewing like a boss.

  1. Dress appropriately from head to toe

One temptation of video interviewing is to only dress professionally from the waist up. After all, the interviewer is not likely to see anything from the waist down. How you dress has an impact on how you carry yourself, however, so if you are wearing a shirt and tie with pajama pants, you are more likely to come across overly relaxed on camera. Also, you never know when the smoke alarm might go off mid-interview. You don’t want interviewers to get a good look at your bunny slippers and Thor pajamas as you go to investigate.

  1. Set the stage

Cameras view the world very differently than the human eye does. Fluorescent lights, for instance, cast a slightly green shade and can make your skin look sallow and washed out. You’ll want to dress in plain, bold or dark colors and avoid loud patterns, which can be distracting on camera. You’ll also want to choose where you sit carefully and pay attention to what is behind you.

  1. Account for lag

No matter how great your signal or how fast your internet speed, even the best connections will be subject to lag. It’s a good idea to pause briefly after an interviewer has asked a question before answering. Not only will this help ensure they are done with their question, but it can also make you appear to be giving a more thoughtful response. While this pause may feel awkward to you, it will ensure your interview goes far more smoothly.

A great way to prepare for a video interview is to watch newscasters for a while. Pay attention to how they dress, what colors they choose and even how they speak or “appear” on camera. Aim to mimic their look, actions, and behavior, and it will go a long way towards helping you rock your video interview.