As an entrepreneur, your mind is your greatest asset. When your mind is at its best, you are more energized, productive, and ready for any challenge. However, the longer we go without a break, the more likely we are to face burnout. When this happens, we are not performing at our best which can get in the way of achieving success. This is why it is so important to take a mental health day and make sure that it counts:

Find Your Stress

In order to have a successful mental health day, it’s important to identify what has your under so much stress to the pint of burnout. When you find your big stress point, decide whether it would be better to get away from it or push through it. If it can be left only for a day so you can relax, then don’t think about it while you’re on your mental health day. However, if it is something that cannot wait and will cause you even more stress to leave alone, then work through it and take your mental health day when the task is completed.

Schedule the Day

The last thing you should be thinking about while on your mental health day is work. Before setting off on a day of relaxation, make sure everyone knows that you will not be available. Plan ahead on a day you know you will have no interruptions. This way nothing can get on the way of giving yourself the mental break that you have earned. Planning ahead can even help you figure out how you’d like to spend your day off.

Do What You Like

Use this day to an activity that you love. Some people make the mistake of running errands or catching up on work. This isn’t giving your mind the break that it needs. Take advantage of this time off to relax by going on a hike, a walk, drawing, painting, journaling, or whatever puts you at ease and relaxed. When your mind is focused on something that you love to do, it will be stronger for it when the day is over.