There are dozens of articles available about ways to motivate your teams. While most of them offer quality advice that can help create motivation amongst your employees, it seems as though no one has found the single best way to foster motivation. While keeping employees happy with benefits, being a great leader, and creating a fantastic company are all wonderful pieces of advice to follow, there’s one secret that will be the best to motivate for your team and push them to do better.

What’s the secret?

What’s this big secret to help motivate employees? It likely isn’t anything you haven’t heard of, but it’s probably just been thrown into a list with other tips for motivation. The best way to motivate your team is through passion. Show them what you’re passionate about and create a sense of passion within them for the company and its mission and you’ll have employees who will not give up. Yeah, you’ll probably still encounter off days, but once your team feels truly passionate about what they’re doing and the end goal, you’ll have an endless amount of motivation. People love following their passions and many see work as an obstacle to time they could be spending doing something they genuinely enjoy. Help eliminate this mindset by creating a passion for work.

How to achieve it

It can be difficult to incite passion in your employees for your company’s mission, but there are certainly ways to do it. First of all, you want your employees to know that you’re passionate about the vision you have for the company. Share your plans and excitement and your employees will begin to pick up on your energy and feed off it. Get to know your team and what inspires them, then incorporate that knowledge into work. In order to successfully achieve this passion, you’ll need to find employees who fit your company culture and aren’t merely looking for a job. Carefully interview potential employees and use the training period to begin sowing the seeds of passion for the company. A team who is excited about what they’re doing and finds value in it will be incredibly motivated and able to accomplish a lot.